The issues of noise pollution we need to respond:

1. Lack of awareness, acknowledgement and action from many sides on the issue.

2. The violation, that is the act of doing it.

3. The violator, the one(s) that is abusing you by using the mechanical or digital instruments of noise.

4. The ones that initially create, planned, manufactored and install mechanical or digital instruments of noises.

5. The ones that requested those things to be implanted.

6. The victims, that suffer from the action and use of instruments of noise.

7. The enforcement, regarding the ones that are suppose to stop the violation and the violators.
8. Thank God we are in 2007. We have cameras, therefore expect some news. We intent to build enforcement through news. Watch YouTube:

9. The consequences of the violation, for example, the suffering, physical health
problems that it brings to all of us.

10. The liability. The Legislation of Proof for the Judiciary. The Judiciary needs to have uniform legislation across United States that respects humans, specifying source, types of noise, decibels, range and landscape design.

11. We do accept your support in any form. After spending time and effort developing this website, I hope that you will be more aware and support the cause, without the red tape. This issue is not only my issue, it is every responsible individual and Community issue.