Environmental Effects of Wind Electricity

wind Electricity

In today’s world as “Global warming” has become one of the primary concerns of every single nation, new ways of using renewable sources are constantly being developed for the betterment of humanity and the environment. One of the most essential factors which humans are failing to understand is that global warming is not just going to harm the earth in a massive way, but it is also going to end all life on this earth as we know it.

To protect the environment many companies and world leaders have started to concentrate and rely on the use of renewable energy as these forms of energy can be used for an extended period of time without the risk of them ever harming the environment. One among these sources which is highly contributing to the production of power is wind electricity. With the help of windmills placed around the world at strategic places, electricity is being produced in abundance but what is the true impact of it and how is it helpful? Thus to help cure this curiosity of many people, here are the various effects of wind electricity on the environment.


Positive effects of wind electricity


Clean power – The electricity produced with the help of wind energy is undoubtedly clean as it does not require any form of fossil fuel such as coal or oil to function. Hence this type of energy is chemical free. This form of energy not only helps keep the environment clean but is also helping to stabilise the nation’s economy as no fossil fuel is required to be imported from another country thus saving a ton of money in this process.

Space-saving  – Unlike other forms of electricity generation plants which require massive places, building a windmill can be done anywhere, even on existing farms without destroying them. This form of electricity generation methods has recently become extremely common as they are not just helping generate electricity by using green energy but is also helping to make electricity accessible to far off places where power lines cannot easily be laid.


Negative effects of wind electricity


A threat to wildlife – The blades of the turbine are exponentially large and as it’s the crucial part of the windmill, thus nothing can be done about it. The edges of the windmill blades are incredibly sharp and as they rotate with a great force and velocity, thus they are one of the main reasons for the death of thousands of birds and bats every year. This generally does not pose any harm to humans, but it’s highly recommended that you look at windmills and enjoy them only from a distance.

Noise pollution – Due to the massive size of the parts and the height of the windmill it makes it extremely hard to build and then take care of it on a regular basis. The usual sound which a windmill makes can reach anywhere between 50 to 60 decibels which is enough to keep any human as far away from it. Some people also think that windmills look ugly and harm the look of the environment, but this can solely be based on the personal liking of a person.